A Lyrical Disney Icontest

As if Disney wasn't already lyrical...

A Lyrical Disney Icon Challenge
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Started June 21, 2004. disney_chorus was started to increase the fan base of Disney. At the time there weren't enough Disney iconists to go around. The creator likes to humor herself in thinking that she was a contributor to the currently large Disney fan-base of iconers. This icontest is for those who enjoy putting lyrics into icons. That's the challenge. You're given a lyric (or set of lyrics) and the icon maker's challenge is to set that to a Disney icon. It's a breeze.

Blame It On: halfajournalist

No pimping of other communities or icon journals is allowed.
I, as the owner, might pimp our affiliated icon contests from time to time in a post!

See something here that's worth a nomination?
Make sure you've talked with the specific icon makers before you nom anything!

Have any questions? Don't be shy! Ask away!

[1] All entries must meet the Livejournal requirements. In case you've forgotten- under 40kb and 100x100.
[2] One entry per week.
[3] It is recommended that you don't post your icon for public use until the contest is over. Otherwise you might give someone else your icon idea. And that would suck. ^^
[4] Please post the URL under the icon. IMPORTANT! If you would prefer not to use up your image hosting bandwidth by making sure you also have the image in your comment, only comment with the URL of your icon.
[5] Use only the lyrics, movie, and specifications provided for use. Pick one Disney movie and stick to it. Do not blend characters from several movies together into an icon.
[6] Don't vote for your own, please.
[7] Make a new icon for each challenge. Don't post something you made a long time ago.
[8] Submit your entry in a comment.
[9] Vote in a comment to the correct voting post.
[10] Vote once.
[11] Don't tell your friends to vote for you, that sucks.
[12] When you use the lyric on the icon, it must be word for word. No more "mistakes". Double check the lyric before putting on text. That easy. If there is an "and" in the lyric, do not put "&". If there's a symbol for the word, great. Don't use it. Use the word. That's what the challenge is in the first place.
[13] If you don't vote, your icon cannot win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Mod's Choice doesn't matter.
[14] Always have fun. ^^

If your icon/votes to do not follow these rules, they will be disqualified.

The Ways to Win

1st, 2nd, 3rd Places
This will come from tallying the votes for the icons.

Mod's Choice
You cannot enter this category. There will be a banner for it, except the winner for this one will be chosen by, duh, the mod. ^^

The Ways We Work

[1] The challenge will be posted.
[2] You scrounge for an idea, and after many deletions, you make an icon using at least 4 of the words in the lyric/movie provided.
[3] Comment with the URL of the icon. Comments are screened so only you and I will be able to see your icon. It is your responsibility to host your icon. If you are unable to do so, e-mail it to me and leave a comment that you did so. I will host it only for the challenge.
[4] Saturday - I will make a post containing all of the entries. You will vote on the three best icons. I will also post the next challenge.
[5] Monday - I'll make a post of the winners you chose.

Saturday - Saturday entries are submitted.
Saturday - Monday voting and new challenges are posted.
Monday winners are announced.

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