say (rah!) (halfajournalist) wrote in disney_chorus,
say (rah!)

Contest the 21st.

Read these rules before you begin. Duh.

Use at least 4 consecutive words from the lyrics provided. Post your entry in a comment along with the URL. Say whether or not you'd like a banner if you win. We'll end this one on Sunday, December 4. Use any Disney movie. If you're unsure of what is Disney and what is NOT, look at the interests in the userinfo. The icon must fit eljay regulations. Happy Iconing.

My patience ran away.
Take me with you.
You keep me holding on.
Nothin's understood
You're so confusing
Tell it to me straight
Won't you call my number.
Don't push, but don't hesitate.
Wake me from this slumber.
Rush me, but leave time to wait.
Rush me but leave time to wait
I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes'

Dancin Shoes
Gavin DeGraw

suggested by kawaiiurania
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