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Yeah, so what. Okay, I admit I'm not good at being gangsta.

So, here it is. This icontest is watched by 168 people. There are 178 members. If I had even realized how big that was, I wouldn't have let this community die the past two times. The thing is, no matter how many members we have, we never seem to get the amount of entries we need. Hmmm... So.


We're going to have a pimping contest. You can pimp anywhere you're allowed to, but the new member has to comment to THIS POST and say that you referred them. I will count these comments and who referred the most people on Saturday, November 12 probably closer to midnight. So, you have until midnight of Nov. 12th.

You can make it as simple as:
disney_chorus disney_chorus disney_chorus
disney_chorus disney_chorus disney_chorus
in your journal, oooor...
It can be a crazy cool graphic you attach to your journal entires, in your icon journal or your personal journal, oooor...
You could simply ask specific people. If you know they love Disney, just ask 'em!

THERE WILL BE AN AWARD. omg yes. I will buy the person who pimps the most... hmm... something Eljay wise. Probably some paid time. Sound good? There will be an award. I'll just discuss it with the winner. XD Hmmm... maybe a trophy too....


1. Pimp disney_chorus.
2. Direct the new members to this post. AFTER they join then they may comment here, and tell them they must include your username.
3. I want icon makers of ALL STAGES. Basically I learned how to make icons my entering contests and simply testing myself. The Disney fan-base is so large, we can definitely get this going.

I will have two winners overall.
1. The individual who is responsibe for collecting the most new members.
2. The individual who pimps the community in the most creative way.

oh yes. and for all you wondering when the next icon contest will start, it will be put up Sunday, November 13th.

and I'm still looking for another protogé. more here.


btw, comments = screened.
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