say (rah!) (halfajournalist) wrote in disney_chorus,
say (rah!)

You Should Shoot Me.

I'm serious. You all should shoot me in the FACE. I DESERVE IT.

I really love this community. You probably don't believe me. But, every time I sign on nowadays I always miss coming here. SO. I'M RESURRECTING IT. No, seriously. I am. And it's going to frickin stay alive this time. XD

So. I'm looking for two protogé's. Apply with your name, how long you've been around this contest, and what you're willing to put into this comm.

Anywho, the winners who have been sitting around hating me for forever:

First Place
by takentoken

Second Place
by kawaiiurania

Third Place
by byebyeblackbird

Mod's Choice
by lainay

So. This is the re-birth. Tell all your friends. If you're still interested, then PIMP THIS COMM LIKE CRAZY.
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